Zeiss DiNi 20 Digital Level

Zeiss DiNi 20

Zeiss DiNi 20 Digital level
During the last few decades, the improvements implemented in the
surveying of
heights have centered on two fields of application:

  • the medium precision range (engineering surveys)
  • the high precision range (precision levelling)

In the field of low-precision height measurement, on the other hand,
laser sighting
instruments are being increasingly used.

It therefore seemed appropriate to develop two digital levels for the
specific requirements
of the two above-mentioned fields of application by modifying the
described measuring technique. The results of our investigation on the
and versatility of the measuring technique and the graded accuracies of
the measuring
staffs (folding staff and invar staff) proved to be extremely helpful
in achieving
this goal. This was the basis for the development of the DiNi 20 for
the medium
accuracy range in levelling using the folding staff and of the DINi 10
for precision
levelling using the invar staff. Needless to say, it is always possible
to use the invar
staff in combination with the DiNi 20 and the folding staff with the
DiNi 10, but
optimum performance with regard to measuring accuracy and measuring
time is not
obtained in this case. Measuring errors, however, will not occur.

DiNi 20

To fully meet the requirements of the above-mentioned fields of
application in levelling, the DiNi 10 /20 levels offer the following special features:

  • high reading accuracy of the measuring staff graduation
  • negligible setting error of the tilt compensators
  • minimal effect of other instrument errors such as dip of horizon
    and shaking of the measuring image
  • small measuring section on the staff, minimizing the influences
    of refraction close to the ground
  • visual sighting to determine inadequate illumination or glare
    impairing the sharpness and quality of the staff image
  • ease of operation with straightforward user guidance
  • multiple measurement with automatic averaging
  • automatic evaluation and storage of the measured data
  • easy handling and precise, reliable operation during measurement
  • on-line measurements via the interface for special applications
  • low power consumption (one battery charge lasts for at least one
    working day)
  • low weight and modern styling

Zeiss DiNi 20 Lasers & Levels

These outstanding capabilities of the DiNi 10/20 increase the
efficiency in levelling by
up to 50 %.


Accuracy DIN 18723, standard deviation
height measuring
per 1 km (3280.84 ft) of double leveling
Electronic measurement 1.5 m–100 m (4.92 ft–328.08 ft)
Visual measurement from 1.3 m (4.265 ft)
Invar precision bar code staff 0.7 mm (0.002 ft)
Standard bar code staff 1.3 mm (0.004 ft)
Visual measurement 2.0 mm (0.007 ft)
measurement (with a 20 m (65.62 ft) sighting distance)
Invar precision bar code staff 25 mm (0.082 ft)
Standard bar code staff 30 mm (0.098 ft)
Visual measurement 0.3 m (0.984 ft)
Type of graduation 400 grads and 360 deg
Graduation interval 1 grad and 1 deg
Estimation to 0.1 grad and 0.1 deg
Operating temperature –20 °C to +50 °C (–4 °F to 122
Dust- and waterproofing IP55
Aperture 40 mm (0.131 ft)
Field of view at 100 m 2.2 m (7.217 ft)
Electronic measurement field 0.3 m (0.984 ft)
Magnification 26 x
Inclination range ±15
Setting accuracy ±0.5″
Circular level 8’/2 mm with Illumination
Display Graphical, 240 x 160 pixels,
monochrome with illumination
Keyboard 19-key alpha-numeric and 4-way
arrow key for navigation
Internal memory up to 30 000 data lines
External memory USB Flash Drive support
Data transfer USB Interface for data transfer
between DiNi and PC
(means two way communication)
Power supply Internal battery: Li-Ion, 7.4 V
/ 2.4 Ah
Operating time: 3 days working time without illumination
Weight (including battery) 3.5 kg (7.72 lb)

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