Trimble Spectra DG511 Precision Pipe Laser Kit

Spectra DG511

Trimble Spectra DG511 Lasers & Levels

The pipe laser is an easy-to-use tool that provides underground contractors line, elevation, and grade control for installing storm, sanitary, or other gravity-flow pipe. This system can also be used for tunneling, boring, pipe alignment, or any other application requiring line, elevation, and grade control.

Your job sites involve some of the harshest conditions found in any industry. You need equipment that can stand up to corrosion from acids, chemicals, salts and other destructive underground elements, as well as to the physical abuse typical in the construction industry. The Spectra Precision Laser DG511 pipe laser from Trimble is designed to meet those conditions


Built tough for long-lasting performance and reliability, the DG511 pipe laser is completely waterproof and designed to ensure easy cleanup. They are also easy to assemble with a full range of setup accessories available, and easy to use with straightforward, “no-instructions-required” controls. They even keep track of their own maintenance needs, notifying you at regular intervals (you decide how often) when it’s time for a checkup. The DG511 pipe laser is simply the toughest, smartest tool you’ll ever own!

The pipe laser projects a highly visible red beam of laser light in a direction at a predetermined (grade) for the alignment of gravity-flow pipe. The laser light is intercepted by a target. To align the pipe, you need to position it so that the pipe laser’s beam is centered in the target.

Spectra DG511 Lasers & Levels


Grade Range  –15% to +40%
Self-Leveling Range  Longitudinal: Over the entire grade range
(no rough leveling required) +/- 3 degrees:
Cross Axis
Line Range 20°
Line Center Yes
Grade Zero Yes
Temperature Compensation +/- 30 arc sec.
Accuracy, Self-Leveling
+/- 10 arc seconds = +/- 1.6 mm at 30 m
(1/16 in. at 100 ft )
Maintenance Interval
Laser Source – Visible laser
Laser Wavelength 635 nm
Laser output  4.5 – 5 mW (maximum allowable)
Laser classification USA
and Canada
Laser classification
Weight  3.6 kg (8.0 lbs.)
Length  37.5 cm (14.75 inches)
Diameter 14 cm (5 .5 inches)
Housing Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
Battery type and life Alkaline / 40 hours; Ni-MH / 64 hours
Battery pack Sealed (Ni-MH), 0-Ring replaceable
Removable (Alkaline)
Battery Charge Time 10 hrs using the smart charger
14 hrs using the cigarette lighter adapter
Operating voltage  6–16 Vdc
Operating temperature  –20° to 60° C (–4° to 140° F)
Storage Temperature –30° to 60° C (–23° to 140° F)
Waterproof Continuous Submersion at 3 m (10 ft.)

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