Trimble DiNi Digital Level (0.3 Accuracy)

Trimble DiNi

Trimble .3 accuracy Dini Digital Level

The Trimble(.03 )DiNi Digital Level is a digital height measurement sensor designed for any job site where fast and accurate height determination is required. Use the Trimble DiNi for applications such as precise leveling of flat and sloping surfaces, establishing the vertical component of grade and ground profiles, subsidence monitoring, and establishing the vertical component of control networks. The Trimble DiNi Digital Level lets you: Determine accurate height information 60% faster than with automatic leveling Eliminate errors and reduce rework with digital readings Transfer data to the office easily Measure to a field of just 30 cm The easy-to-use and accurate Trimble DiNi offers numerous features to maximize your productivity in the field.


Unequalled Performance In the Field

  • Designed to perform optimally whatever the job
  • Dust and waterproof rating of IP55
  • Battery life of 3 days
  • USB Storage device stores data

Trimble DiNi Lasers & Levels

Easy To Learn, Easy to Use

  • Reduces number of stations needed by 20%
  • Makes leveling in low light conditions easier
  • Ensures greater accuracy

Trimble Quality and Accuracy for Measuring with Confidence

  • Supports the Trimble Integrated Surveying Portfolio
  • Proven optics by Carl Zeiss ensure the highest precision and accuracy

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Trimble DiNi Spec Sheet