Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser

Leica Piper 100

Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser
Solid performance – in the pipe, over the top, or in the manhole. Compact and powerful, the Piper is the only pipe laser that fits inside a 100 mm/4 in pipe.

In the pipe
Self-centering, rubber tipped feet ensure the Piper stays working. Rock solid construction with cast aluminum housing for the toughest jobsite conditions.

Over the top
Optional scope and mount kit for above ground setups. Versatile, yet simple to operate and user friendly.

Piper 100

In the manhole
Its unique design and wide stable base make the Piper easy to set up even in the smallest invert. The Piper is 100 % waterproof with a positive pressure nitrogen seal.

Perfect for:

  • Storm and sanitary sewer construction
  • gravity flow pipe lines
  • anywhere line and grade is required

Leica Piper 100 Lasers & Levels


 Laser Diode 635 nm (red)
 Laser Output 4.75 mW maximum
 Working Range 200 m (650 ft)
 Grade Range -10 % to +25 %
Self-leveling Range -15 % to +30 %
Line Movement 6 m at 30 m (20 ft at 100 ft)
Battery Lithium-Ion, 7.4 V/3.8 Ah
Operation/Charge 40 h/4 h
Operating Temperature -20° to +50° C (-4° to +122° F)
Dimensions (diameter x length) 96 mm x 267 mm (3.8 in x 10.5 in)
Weight 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Construction Cast aluminium
Seal IPX8
 Wireless Remote Front, up to 150 m (500 ft)
Back, up to 10 m (35 ft)

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